Eagel Winter Panorama Rear Window Graphic Decal for Truck SUV Vans

Eagel Winter Panorama Rear Window Graphic Decal for Truck SUV Vans

Display this vibrant graphic on the rear window of your Car, SUV, VAN, or Pickup Truck without losing visibility. This detailed window graphic from Artvint Concepts is made of perforated vinyl material allowing you to see right through from the inside out. The Full-color image is guaranteed not to fade for 3 years. Display your individuality and make a statement!

Made in the USA. Made of 8-mil perforated exclusive One Way Vision PVS, so you can see out, but they can't see in! Film simply can't compare to the sensational designs we offer. Fits any size rear pickup, SUV or Any vehicle window including sliders. Some trimming may be needed, instruction and videos how to will be included with your order.

  • Car window decal
  • Far Superior than the best conventional window film
  • Applies in minutes with pressure-sensitive adhesive-no water or messy soapy solutions required
  • See-through material
  • Blocks up to 75% of the sun's UV rays to help prevent interior fade and deterioration
  • 3 Year warranty against fading
  • Vibrant, Full color graphics
  • Adds color and a touch of the legend to the rear window of your pickup, SUV or Ant Vehicle without impairing your visibility
  • Covers the entire rear window
  • Better than a bumper sticker!
  • Safe to go through a car wash
  • It's waterproof and provides long term durability
  • 100% Vinyl
  • All instructions will be included with your order
  • We include for FREE all the tools You will need to apply the graphic with your order
  • Made in USA